Games inspired by my world of art and architecture are becoming a part inside the world of Marblellous.


My name is Asimina Brouzou and the world I live in is full of games. My parents, both teachers, supported for years alternative teaching methods for children through art and play. Since a very young age, my brothers and I grew up to love learning especially when presented as a game.

After my graduation from the School of Architecture in Athens (NTUA), I took a Master’s Degree in Sustainable Development (Edinburgh). I always dreamed of an improved society but my life experiences have led me to children. These little people are the hope for a better world. But children nowadays, inside claustrophobic rooms, are experiencing the alienating, fast pace of our modern societies. Balancing between loud televisions and demanding school courses, quickly lose interest in playing and learning.

So, I ended up creating the “Moutrakia”. A collection of dolls that intrigue children’s fantasy almost like imaginary friends. Every doll represents a unique character that discusses an everyday problem like friends, family, fears and feelings.

Games inspired by my world of art and architecture are becoming a part inside the world of Marblellous, where marble, Filio’s beloved material, is being shaped. The use of marble acted as a catalyst in my creativity. I present to you my first board games, solely constructed out of marble.

I wish to all children, big and small, to have fun playing and forget all worries.



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