Marblellous participates in Creaid with the BOWING LAMP. 


Creaid is a relatively new non-profit organization with solely humanitarian purposes. Creaid helps those in need through creativity. According to their latest initiative, called “Designer’s Lamp”, Greek designers, architects and artists are asked to create a luminous object. Later on these unique creations will be put in an online auction (1 – 10th of April 2016). Main target is a donation to help build a playground in Athens General Children’s Hospital.

BOWING LAMP, is the contribution of Marblellous in that initiative

This gently bowing desk lamp consists of a heavy marble base and a delicate metal neck. BOWING LAMP has been constructed in two prototypes. In both prototypes Greek marble has been used. The white Achilles marble, with the grayish -blue veins, and the dark green Tinos marble, with the white and golden veins. Very well known since the antiquity, with many applications throughout the history, both those marbles were not chosen by chance; on the contrary they are described as having most archetypal characters.

BOWING LAMP tinos green 1400

The object’s design originates from the “Lever principle” and witnesses a constant balance of mass and light. A metal axis penetrates a solid marble cylinder balancing between the light source and a small marble weight. The firmness of the marble base gives the impression of swinging to the metal axis.

The metal parts of the lamp are stainless steel, but have been treated separately acquiring totally different appearances. The white marble is accompanied with a colored black axis of matte texture, and the green marble with a bronze platted, polished axis. That specific combination of marble and metal, with the unique colors and textures, is effectively complementing the two materials especially with the light bestowing its effects. Apart from its profound utility, the design of “Bowing Lamp” adds an extra value to the object turning it into a piece of art.

An exhibition with all the designers’ creations will take place at “ONE ATHENS” for a limited period of time in April 2016 (5-10th). Stay tuned.

(photographs: Alexis Kamitsos)


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