Alex Seton’s Marble World

Scuptures that make you wonder if they are really made out of marble. 

Alex Seton’s Marble World

When we think of marble sculpting, our mind usually travels some decades, or even centuries, back. We think about the ancient Greek sculptors or Michelangelo, Rodin, Giovanni Strazza or maybe Louise Bourgeois.

However, Alex Seton with his hyper-realistic marble sculptures, infuses the rich heritage of Classical statuary with contemporary concerns, and creates marble art that reminds us the delicate and detailed approach of art’s most famous sculptors in history.

In 2012 he presented Elegy On Resistance, with some mind-blowing sculptures. His central work, Soloist, a 95x75x70cm statue made of Carrara Bianco, was seated cross-legged across four CCTV cameras and hanging hoodies. Watched closely by security cameras in what appears to be a clothing shop, the body is strangely meditative and remains unaffected by the efforts to monitor and control it.

Elegy on Resistance sullivanstrumpf b

3.chorus 02


Refoulement, was presented in 2014 and aims to make us consider the attempts of people to reach Australia at great personal risk. The Life Vest M, in Carrara Bianco (54x40x30cm) and the Durable Solution, in Wombeyan marble (140x95x12cm) are great examples of this inspiring and moving collection.

AlexSeton Refoulement Install 04 SmallJpeg sRGB

Alex Seton McClelland 2015 038

In November 2015, he presented the Paper Armada, an installation of more than 400 marble “paper boats”.

AlexSeton PaperArmada 2015 004

Alex Seton’s incredible work is an undeniable inspiration for us and proves indisputably that marble can get any form the artist desires.

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