The Berlin Wall

The impressive wall in the flagship store of VIU in Berlin, is a characteristic example of how magnificent creations can be done by taking advantage of the physical properties of marble. 

The Berlin Wall

When you come across a marble slab you know that there is absolutely no chance to find the exact same slab for a second time. The slab you found, has this particular yellowish vein that runs towards the edge and at the right side it appears this characteristic “cloud” which makes it so unique. You can search between one million different slabs of the same material but you will never find another slab with the same yellowish vein and the same “cloud” in the same spot.

This characteristic of marble is the one we love the most! When a designer recognizes and respects this particular uniqueness of the material, he can make miracles happen! The flagship store of VIU brand in Berlin, is an optimal example of this.

The store designer chose a beautiful greek marble from Karistos with the desire to showcase the stone’s -one of a kind- veins. Each piece of the cladding has vertical and horizontal grooves, which also obtain a functional purpose, composing a strict grid that seems engraved on an ocean of marble.

Isn’t it impressive?

(photos kindly granted by VIU)




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